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Our foals are always handled from birth and are well socialized with humans,
along with their herd environment. We make sure they are halter and lead trained
before they leave to their new homes. We do our best to make sure their
transition to their new home is effortless.

Sukkars Royal Cinn   

AHA (pending)

Allahs Sukkar Abiad (DH Dallas)
Nacacijin DSZ (Napayshni)

expected mature height 15-15.1hh
2018 Purebred Arabian Grey Stallion

Heterozyogous Grey (Gg)

*Bask++, *Naborr, *Muscat, *Elkin++, Kaborr+++, *Dornaba++, *Silver Drift, *Aladdinn, *Raffles,
Nagasaki bred

     Cinn is a very upright, correct, gorgeous colt. He has ample amount of leg and a strong "to-die-for" hind quarter. His sire comes from a long line of performance horses in Driving, English Pleasure, Reining, and Endurance. Cinn's dam also comes from a deep pedigree of performance and Sport Horses, several of whom are competitors of the Tevis Cup, known as the most extreme Endurance Race in the world. They finished Tevis placing well, and some even received Best Condition.
     This colt would be an excellent Endurance horse, Reining, Western Pleasure, Ranch horse, and even Halter. We don't usually breed for Halter horses, extreme athletes are more our style. But who said you can't be pretty and work too? Cinn has gorgeous chiseled features, perfect angles in both shoulder and hind quarter, big well placed eyes, large heart girth, and correct legs, just to name a few of his attributes. He can really go in any direction you would like to take him, Cinn has an outstanding trainable mind.
     His sire is 15.1hh and his dam is 15hh, so we feel it's safe to say he should mature at his parents' height. Feel free to call, text or email anytime for more information.

                                    DH Dallas

Allahs Sukkar Abiad

                                                    AF Remminicinnt
                                    AF Rennaisance
                                                    *Sirocco Sangria

Sukkars Royale Cinn

                                                  Muscastar Son 

                                                  SA Glitz

                    Nacacijin DSZ

                                                  Royale Bay


                                                   Debbani Al Hadiye

~Allahs Sukkar Abiad~

(DH Dallas by *Bask++ X AF Rennaisance by AF Remminicinnt)

~Nacacijin DSZ~
(Napayshni by Muscastar Son X Rroyalee by Royale Bay)

Rifraffs Saable Rouge   

Comar Gai Rifraff (LA Shaman by Gai Parada+++/)
Saudii Fadmar (Kioraja by Saable)

AHA (pending)

expected to mature @15hh 2016 Grey Filly

Base coat color Bay
Carries the Rabicano (roaning) gene
Heterozygous Black - Ee

*Naborr, Gai Parada+++/, Ferzon, *Serafix, Fadjur, Comar Bay Beau+++, SX Saladin, *Raffles, Raktha, Gai-Adventure, Azraff, Indraff, *Fadl, *Turfa, Skowronek bred

Sire line:  Ibrahim
Dam line:  Al Hamdaniah

     Dahlia has an unmatchable sweet temperament, she literally won't stay out of your pockets. She is an elegant filly with a powerful shoulder, beautiful straight legs, and a good runner's hind quarter. Her body is so absolutely smooth. Dahlia has large hard feet and a large heart girth, customary of the old desert bloodlines. One of the most treasured characteristics in a filly sired by Comar Gai Rifraff, is the exquisite head that they are blessed with. One of their most valued qualities, is their loving personalities. We have both in this outstanding filly. She has been trailered in a 2 horse a few times, stands tied for hours, shaves, and is easy to catch in a big field full of horses.

     Dahlia has some of the most beautiful old Arabs in her pedigree quite close to her. Some of those wonderful horses are: Gai Parada+++/, Ferzon, *Naborr, *Serafix, *Nasr, Fadjur, Comar Bay Beau+++, SX Saladin, Gai-Adventure, Azraff, Indraff, Raktha, Fersara, Mahroussa and many more. Dahlia was bred for to have the right qualities that is needed to enhance a breeding program. She will give you lines to breed to that do not carry *Bask++, *Muscat, Pysche, Marwan, or Bey Shah+ blood. Who says you can't have pretty or athletic without those lines? Dahlia will make someone an outstanding Endurance, Sport Horse, Working Cow horse, and future broodmare.

                                                    Gai Parada+++/
                                    LA Shaman
                                                    Arifa Beau Azja

Comar Gai Rifraff

                                    Maur Kemaal
                                                    Maur Sheba

Rifraffs Saable Rouge



                    Saudii Fadmar

                                                  ASF Wizard

                                   Debbani Al Hadiye

                                                   Maur Shamar

~Comar Gai Rifraff~

(LA Shaman by Gai Parada+++/ X Maur Kemaal by Arrogaance)

~Saudii Fadmar~

(Kioraja by Saable X Debbani Al Hadiye by ASF Wizard)

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Client Sales Offerings

Sukkars Sher Kahn      $4,500

AHA (pending)                 *Located in Roy, UT*

Allahs Sukkar Abiad (DH Dallas)
Khlassic Jazz (Kahn Del)

expected mature height 14.3-15hh
2016 Purebred Arabian Grey Stallion

Heterozygous Grey (Gg)

*Bask++, *Naborr, *Anasata Ibn Halima++, *Aladdinn, Borrneyna, Negatraz, Mohssen, Ferzon, Azraff, Nagasaki bred

Offered & owned by
Darin & Brenda Porter

Telephone (801) 668-3794

     Sukkars Sher Kahn (aka Kahn) is a beautiful and outstanding black/grey colt. He is a result of some of the oldest Polish and Spanish breeding on what is possibly the closest you can get in today's breeding industry. Kahn's sire, Allahs Sukkar Abiad, is by the Halter Champion & English Pleasure Reserve Champion stallion DH Dallas (a son of the immortal *Bask++, out of the *Naborr daughter and Salon Du Cheval & Western Pleasure winning mare Borrneyna). Allahs Sukkar Abiad's dam is by the *Aladdinn grandson AF Remminicinnt and out of the imported Spanish Arabian mare and Nagasaki daughter, *Sirocco Sangria.  The Dutch National Champion Nagasaki is also the maternal grandsire to Magnum Psyche's dam A Fancy Miracle through her sire *Sasaki. *Sirocco Sangria is out of a grandaughter to the significant Spanish sires Barquillo and Kashmir, Bukara.
     Kahn's dam Khlassic Jazz, is granddaughter of the Champion Halter stallion and Negatraz son, Sher Kahn. Negatraz is also by the great *Bask++, and is also the sire of other greats such as the International Sire of Significance Monogramm. Khlassic Jazz's dam Classic Elvira, is the paternal granddaughter of the ethereal Mohssen. He himself was sired by the superb *Ansata Ibn Halima++. With Ferzon, Azraff, *Raffles and all the other outstanding Crabbet bred horses in Kahn's maternal pedigree, he is bred not only to be an amazing athlete, but drop dead gorgeous as well.
     With all his breeding aside, Kahn is one of the sweetest foals. He loves to play, loves to interact with all the other animals (dogs, chickens, etc) around, and just truly enjoys his life. He will make someone, not only a life long trust worthy companion, but one heck of a contender in any direction you wish to take him in. This beauty will turn heads!!

                                    DH Dallas

Allahs Sukkar Abiad

                                                    AF Remminicinnt
                                    AF Rennaisance
                                                    *Sirocco Sangria

Sukkars Sher Kahn

                                                  Sher Kahn 
                                   Kahn Del

                                                  Hi S Delite

                    Khlassic Jazz


                                   Classic Elvira



~ Allahs Sukkar Abiad ~

(DH Dallas by *Bask++ X AF Rennaisance by AF Remminicinnt)

~ Khlassic Jazz ~

(Kahn Del by Sher Kahn X Classic Elvira by Fireseyn)

 Grace Of Ganges            $8,000


AHA 650340                                 *Located in Idaho*

Zegas (*Ganges)
Grace Kellie (Northerlei)

15 hh
(Measured by our veterinarian with a
VERY short fresh trim)

2010 Bay Purebred Arabian Filly

Pure Polish

Bred by Michelle Martin and Angela Okamoto

Breeders Sweepstakes, US  & Canadian Halter Futurity Nominated
SHN Payback Program eligible

Offered & owned by
Walter & Angela Okamoto of Last Man Standing Ranch


Telephone (801) 657-8860

Videos upon request


Facebook Page

     This mare is Pure Polish and has a pedigree of KINGS. With her bloodlines through *Aladdinn, *Bandos, *Goliat, and *Ganges (Monogramm) this girl can go ALL THE WAY. And who doesn't want an athlete and/or a broodmare that is tail female to the great Forta? Not only a tail female line to Forta, but 6 different crosses to the mare known as the great athlete producer. This mare really has the who's who of legendary horses in her pedigree. 4 crosses to Czort, 2 crosses to Comet, 3 crosses to El Paso, 6 crosses to Forta, just to name a few that influence this unique mare's athletic make up.  'Giza' is built to knock 'em dead in the show ring and to tackle any task under saddle with ease. This beauty has legs that go forever. And with her beautiful BIG black eyes and that snake of a neck, we know she will make someone a superb athletic champion in Endurance, Dressage, Jumping, and a knock out broodmare.




                                                    Zabrina VF

Grace Of Ganges



                    Grace Kellie 

                                   Festivity VF

                                                   NDL Fantasy

 **Grace Of Ganges photos August 2015

**Grace Of Ganges photos by Angie Okamoto

~ Zegas ~

(*Ganges by Monogramm X Zabrynka by *Goliat)

***Photo courtesy of Watching Hawk Arabians

~ Grace Kellie ~

(Northerlei by *Aladdinn X Festivity VF by *Bandos PASB)

***Photo courtesy of Bridges Arabians
Clearfield, Utah USA
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