Rifraffs Ganges Grace        $12,000

AHA (pending)

Comar Gai Rifraff   X   Grace Of Ganges

expected mature height 15hh
2020 Purebred Arabian Grey Filly

Heterozyogous Grey (Gg)

*Ganges, Zegas+/, *Bask++, *Naborr, *Aladdinn, Gai Parada+++/, Monogramm, *Bandos PASB, *El Paso, *El Mudir++, Palas, *Eukaliptus, Comet bred

     Gracie is absolutely stunning and graceful. She has the most exquisite tiny muzzle, wide set eyes, and petite head. Not only is this filly a head hunters dream, she has the most amazing body to knock anyone out of the show ring. Her legs are flawless, straight, and they go for miles. Gracie's neck is eloquent and placed high on her laid back shoulders, the perfect shape and length to showcase her gorgeous head. She has a very powerful, full hind quarter that she uses to really push off with and show off her elegance. The added bonus, or "cherry on top", is her absolutely loving and easy to work with mind and personality. She is the "Perfect" package! 
     Gracie has an excellent pedigree with some of the best horses of all time: *Ganges, Palas, *El Mudir++, *El Paso, *Eukaliptus, Monogramm, *Bandos PASB, and so many more Polish Legends. Her sire added in the exquisite type with his Gainey/Crabbet breeding of Gai Parada+++/, Comar Bay Beau+++, Gay-Rouge, and Gali-Rose, with an added bonus of the old Babson wonderful mind. This filly is Superb!

     Let Gracie take you to the show ring and mop up the competition. And when she's done, let her make you a superstar in the breeding barn, elegant foal, after elegant flawless foal.


                                                            Gai Parada+++/

                                         LA Shaman
                                                                                     Bay Rouge
                                                            Arifa Beau Azja

                                                                                     Beau Heiress
Comar Gai Rifraff

                                                                                     Ibn Sirecho
                                                                                     Ibn Fadls Finale
                                         Maur Kemaal
                                                                                     Salil Ibn Sirecho
                                                            Maur Sheba
                                                                                     DB Dhellalah

Rifraffs Ganges Grace




                                                                                     Zabrina VF
                    Grace Of Ganges


                                        Grace Kellie
                                                                                     *Bandos PASB

                                                             Festivity VF
                                                                                     NDL Fantasy

~Comar Gai Rifraff~
~Grace Of Ganges~
Mesa, Idaho USA
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