Rifraffs Royale Rose        $4,000

AHA 676696

Comar Gai Rifraff   X   Rroyalee

14.2hh 2018 Grey Filly

Base coat color Black
Heterozygous Grey - Gg

*Naborr, *Bask++, Gai-Parada+++/, *Dornaba++, Comar Bay Beau+++, *Silver Drift, Ferzon, Bint Sahara, Fersara, *Raffles, Azraff, Indraff, *Fadl, *Turfa, Skowronek, Mahroussa bred

Sire line:  Ibrahim
Dam line:  Al Hamdaniah

      Hazel is exactly what I was breeding for in this cross. From her elegant legs to her classic Arabian head, Hazel resembles her pedigree to the fullest. This is her dam's fifth foal and I thought, what could be better than to tighten up her pedigree by joining her sire and dam's dam lines. This is an extra special filly for me.  I had bred Rroyalee's dam to Comar Gai Rifraff 10 years ago, and the resulting foal died from an accident at birth. That foal was almost an identical twin to this filly. I am so overjoyed at such a wonderful filly to carry on her dam line.

     Hazel's pedigree is what I have worked hard to create over the years. This breeding was not on a whim. Not only is conformation of the utmost importance, but I feel that these pedigrees are what it takes to reach that and great athleticism. Some of those athletes/ancestors are as follows: Gai Parada+++/, Ferzon, *Naborr, *Bask++, *Dornaba++, Comar Bay Beau+++, *Silver Drift, Jewel Drift, Azraff, Indraff, Raktha, *Nasr, Fersara, Bint Sahara, Mahroussa and more. I bred for Hazel to carry on her dam's line, as well as to be a broodmare with strong tight genes. I have great expectations for this lovely filly.


                                                            Gai Parada+++/

                                         LA Shaman
                                                                                     Bay Rouge
                                                            Arifa Beau Azja

                                                                                     Beau Heiress
Comar Gai Rifraff

                                                                                     Ibn Sirecho
                                                                                     Ibn Fadls Finale
                                         Maur Kemaal
                                                                                     Salil Ibn Sirecho
                                                            Maur Sheba
                                                                                     DB Dhellalah

Rifraffs Royale Rose

                                                            Crown Royale
                                                                                     Jewel Drift

                                        Royale Bay
                                                                                     Port Bask

                                                            MHR Port Baja

                                                                                     Bint Ghazna

                                                                                     El Iat
                                                            ASF Wizard

                                        Debbani Al Hadiye

                                                             Maur Shamar
                                                                                     DB Dhellalah

~Comar Gai Rifraff~
Mesa, Idaho USA
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