Double Starz Ranch

     Owner, Michelle Martin, has owned horses all of her life with breeds ranging from Arabians to Thoroughbreds to Quarter Horses, and quite a few others in between. Her passion for breeding Arabians was  developed as a small child, as all children wanted a horse just like "The Black Stallion" of Walter Farley's. Michelle set out to breed the ideal Arabian that possessed ALL the traits that make the breed so unique.
     Quarter Horses have always been Michelle's second love, and she learned from an early age to respect and utilize their wonderful traits as a working horse. Her family history with Arabians and Quarter Horses gave her the knowledge and experience she needed to raise, breed, and work with both breeds harmoniously.
     She comes from a long family line of horse trainers and breeders dating back almost 200 years. This was a key element in her natural ability to train and work with horses, especially in her chosen riding disciplines.  Michelle has a great love for endurance, cutting, and reining horses and strives to teach a little of each of these sports in every horse she trains.
     Michelle had acquired more miles in the saddle by the age of 20 than most people can achieve in an entire lifetime. She continues today to start her own horses that are born and raised on her ranch. The ground training starting at the birth of a foal, to the trail desensitizing of the foal's adolescent years, and then the beginning of the saddle work is just the start of the paces that Michelle's horses are put through. She makes sure that all horses originating from Double Starz Ranch are able to have a full useful life, whether they stay at the ranch or go on to new homes.
     Today Michelle works to ensure that her children will develop and hone these same skills and understanding of these magnificent animals, and be able to pass it on to future generations.  And with how well her children are doing to date, the future generations are going to have an excellent tomorrow.

Mount Pleasant, Utah USA
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