In Loving Memory

Amigo had a long journey from Massachusetts, arriving in Utah the Fall of 2014. In such a short time, he gave us some
outstanding foals, shared with very few people that were lucky enough to have witnessed and touched this great
beauty. He was such a kind and loving soul. His favorite pass-time, besides his mares, was to stand all day
gazing at his babies. When they came close enough, he would stand licking them and nuzzling them
until their mothers took them away. When visitors would come, Amigo would snuggle and lick
children and babies, amused by the giggles and shrieks of delight. How I was blessed with
such a wonderful stallion, I will never know.
I thank God every day that he put Amigo in my life and in my herd.

Allahs Sukkar Abiad


DH Dallas (*Bask++)
AF Rennaisance (AF Remminicinnt)

AHA 621263
15.1hh 2005 Grey Arabian Stallion


DH Dallas


Allahs Sukkar Abiad

                                   AF Remminicinnt

                                             HFS Cinnamon Bay

                    AF Rennaisance


                                   *Sirocco Sangria


Dona graced us with her beauty and elegance for such a short time. She was such a bright,
happy, easy-going filly.
She is free of pain now and happy in the beautiful
green fields of heaven.
Rest in peace baby girl.



Abarakidabra (Al Baraki)
Rroyalee (Royale Bay)

AHA 651007
14.1hh 2010 Bay Arabian mare

Al Baraki, Thee Desperado, *Bask++, Dornaba++, Silver Drift, Abu Farwa, Skowronek, Image, *Fadl, *Turfa bred

                                                    Thee Desperado
                                    Al Baraki


                                    Coral Treasure
                                                    Aeon Dansara


                                                  Crown Royale 
                                   Royale Bay

                                                  MHR Port Baja


                                                  ASF Wizard

                                   Debbani Al Hadiye

                                                   Maur Shamar

Grace left this world with six phenomenal foals to carry on her legacy.
We are so lucky to have retained her Pure Polish filly Grace of Ganges to carry on her heritage.
Grace was a fantastic broodmare and a sweet loving companion.
We will miss her voice and her sweet nickers.

Grace Kellie


Northerlei (*Aladdinn)
Festivity VF (*Bandos PASB)

AHA 503072
15.1hh 1993 Bay Arabian mare
Pure Polish

*Aladdinn, *Bandos PASB, *Bask++ bred

Muscats Last Love 1997 Bay Mare by *Muscat
BB Etesian 2000 Bay Gelding by Eternety+
BB Tequila Sunrise 2003 Bay Mare by Psymadre
Omen Of Marwan 2006 Bay Mare by Marwan Al Shaqab
Grace Of Ganges 2010 Bay Mare by Zegas+/
Grace Of Parada 2011 Grey Mare by Comar Gai Rifraff



                                                    El Mudir

Grace Kellie

                                   *Bandos PASB


                    Festivity VF


                                   NDL Fantasy


This lovely mare has left a very lasting impression on many hearts.
She was a fabulous show mare, wonderful mother, and a sweet sweet companion.
Dream was only here a short time at Double Starz, but we loved her so much.
She will be greatly missed.

CW Painted Dream


Colemans Painted Knight (Admiral Columbia)
DR Bravi Anna (Beraiah)

HAHR 1A318377
NSHR 010901-94-NSA
PtHA 80066

15hh 1994 Bay Tobiano mare
*Barich De Washoe, Comar Bay Beau+++, Azraff,  *Raffles, Stonewall King (SB), Chief of Longview (SB) bred

Due April 11, 2014 to Napayshni

Show Record:
2001 CAHC Fall Show HA/AA Breeding Mare Reserve  Champion
2001 Youth National Champion HA/AA JO 17 & Under
2001 Region 8 Summertime Celebration HA/AA AO 1st  Place & HA/AA AO Champion
2000 Region 7 Autumn Classic HA/AA Champion
2000 Canadian National HA/AA Breeding Mare AAO  Championship Top 10
2000 Region 6 Championship HA/AA Breeding Mare AO  Reserve Champion
2000 Region 7 Championship HA/AA Breeding Mare Champion & HA/AA Breeding Mare AO Championship Champion
2000 Region 8 Championship HA/AA Breeding Mare AO Reserve Champion
2000 Utah Valley HA/AA Breeding Mare Champion
2000 Deseret I HA/AA Breeding Mare Champion
1999 Deseret I HA/AA Hunter Pl Championship 2nd Place & HA/AA Hunter Pl Jr Horse Championship 2nd Place

Black & White Tobiano
RKJ Barrettah 2006 Chestnut Tobiano Colt
                                                   by RKJSatnitespecial
(Expected Foal)  2014 by Napayshni

                                    All Hail Columbia (SB)

                    Admiral Columbia (SB)
                                   Kansas City Countess (SB)

          Colemans Painted Knight (SB)

                                   Paint The Night (SB)
                    Colemans Love Letter (SB)
                                   Colemans Lakeside Princess

CW Painted Dream

                                   *Barich De Washoe
                                   Beaus Belle

           DR Bravi Anna

                                   DR John
                    DR Dahlingaznetta

                                   Hello Dahling

Our beloved mare had a very unfortunate accident the winter of 2012 breaking her leg
and she had to be put down. She brought great love and happiness to a young girl for
her first horse. There is an enormous void in our lives and in our hearts without
you here "Amira". We love you and miss you dearly. Run to your heart's
content in the fields of green in that Great Blue Yonder, Big Momma Mare.

Royal Inspiration



Shabyz (Conspire)
Annie (QH/Thoroughbred)

HAHR *1A358969
15.1hh 2000 Bay Mare
*Bask++, *Eter, Abu Farwa, Skowronek bred

Show Record:
2005 Las Vegas Region 7 HA/AA Western Pleasure AO Championship Reserve Champion
2005 Las Vegas Region 7 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AO Championship 6TH
2006 Deseret II Region 8 Hunter Pleasure Championship 6TH

Dashyzz  2007 Bay Gelding by Kalif Gai Muscatel
DSZ Maximus  2011 Grey Gelding by Muscastar Son

                                                  Saracen Sikhada


                                                  Silver Maximo
                                   Sibs Imolifa
                                                  Galmar Califa

Royal Inspiration


                    Annie (QH/Thoroughbred)


Muscastar Son fought a valiant battle with cancer, laid to rest at the age of 25.
He gave us some of the most beautiful foals in both mind and body, that we've
ever bred here at Double Starz. He made a great impact in the endurance
world with the phenomenal endurance horses that he sired, along with
touching so many others lives with the foals he blessed this world with.
Rest in Peace now, you great gentle soul. You will never be forgotten.

Muscastar Son


Muscastar (*Muscat)
Zos Kaborrette (Kaborr+++)

AHA 383209

15.1hh 1987 Grey Stallion

SHN Payback & International Arabians In Sport

Muscastar Son sired several Tevis Cup competitors, known to be the toughest and harshest race in the world racing 100 miles in one day through rough terrain. Muscaczar (AERC#: H39221)  completed the Tevis Cup in 2007. Musca Tiger Jack (AERC#: H35955) also completed the Tevis Cup in 2009 and again in 2011. Muscarose (AERC#: H38459) placed 1st in every race in 2010 but one where she placed 2nd. SH Pistol Pete (AERC#: H36577) is also a very accomplished endurance gelding with his racing career still building today. Muscastar Son has also sired some accomplished halter horses such as:  Khyas BR Dream & VQ Takkara Dawn.

Muscastar Son's daughter Nattalena has foaled some fabulous champion Reiners. Her filly Sage Hill Honey Bunny was champion Reining horse in the Half Arab 55th Annual Scottsdale Show in 2010, champion Reining horse at the Autumn Classic Arab show in 2009, AHAA Fall Festival champion Reining horse 2009, Region 3 Championship reserve champion Reining horse 2009, Treasure Valley Classic Regions 3 & 4 Champion Reining horse 2009 and Treasure Valley Classic Qualifier Champ 2008 & 2007. Nattalena's colt Lil Stopper, was Region 3 Championship Reining champion in 2008 and Treasure Valley Classic Reining Champ 2008. He was also 2009 US National Championship Half Arab Reining Horse Futurity Top 10 in 2009. Region 5 Championship 2010 Reining Horse Champion.



                                    Miss Century

Muscastar Son

                                                       Bint Kholameh

                    Zos Kaborrette



Beautiful and breathtaking Rikki left this world much too soon.
Her perfection is what every breeder strives for!
May you live on in our hearts and minds forever sweet Rikki.

Grace Of Parada


Comar Gai Rifraff (LA Shaman)
Grace Kellie (Northerlei)

2011 Bay Arabian mare
CA & SCID N/N clear

*Aladdinn, *Bandos PASB, *Bask++, Gai Parada+++/, Ferzon, Forta bred

                                                    Gai Parada+++/
                                    LA Shaman
                                                    Arifa Beau Azja

Comar Gai Rifraff

                                    Maur Kemaal
                                                    Maur Sheba

Grace Of Parada



                    Grace Kellie

                                                  *Bandos PASB

                                   Festivity VF

                                                   NDL Fantasy

Mount Pleasant, Utah USA
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