Training Available


We offer training of all ages, from birth on up to adults.


Ground Training


1.  Most of our ground training is for manners and safety. An unsafe horse is a useless horse for us. We start with our babies from the time they are born to be safe with adults, and with children of all ages. We want them to be well rounded and to think of our safety before their own. 

2. Shaving is a very important thing for a horse to learn. Not all people want to shave their horses, but the noises are important for them to become accustomed to. You are also teaching your horse that what ever you do to it, whether it tickles, vibrates, itches, etc. they are still going to be safe. This is where your horse learns to trust you.

3.  Being able to pick up their feet, trimming them, put wraps on their legs and even hobbling them are huge accomplishments. A horse's legs are it's livelihood. It fights with their legs, runs to freedom with them, it can't live without them. When you can do all the above mentioned things with their legs and they trust you to do it and not hurt or injure them, you will have a safer horse, a horse that trusts you. Doing these things has so many advantages, especially if they get into a spot where you need to rescue them. Teaching your horse such things as hobbles will teach it to not struggle and to sit and wait for you to come and free them. This training technique has helped me many times in tight situations. 

4.  Another great training for your horse is for your animal to respect your space.  In a herd environment, horses teach each other to respect each others space and rank. Your horse must understand that you out rank them and that your space is of the utmost importance. It's always easier to teach your horse these things when they are under 500 lbs. Almost all training is mind over matter. If you can convince them mentally, it saves you and your horse any physical confrontation.

5.  Trailering is a very important thing to teach your horse. Safe and quiet loading and unloading, along with quietly riding in the trailer makes for a non stressed horse upon arrival of your destination. This training goes hand in hand with manners. We work to teach our horses to load and ride quietly in a 2 horse straight load on up to a 5 horse slant load.   



Saddle Training


1.  We try to make our saddle mounts safe for all ages. We also try to ensure they are well rounded, calm and patient. Soft, supple and responsive horses are the best way for us to achieve these goals.

2.  We strive to have our horses be all around horses while under saddle. Some people like to train for a specific discipline, but we offer a little of each of the western disciplines in every horse we train. 

3.  We do offer to finish horses. Again, we offer a little of each discipline in every horse we train, but they are safe trail horses as well as working horses. We try to instill reining, cutting, working cow, and some western pleasure in our training techniques.


Training Fee: $500 per month

Includes board and feed

Additional fees may apply 

Owner training with their horse is included



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Mount Pleasant, Utah USA
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