Fiest Thyme PF        $3,500

Pyro Thyme SA   X   Chica Bonita PF

AHA 643468

15hh 2008 Grey Mare

Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes

7 1/2 inch cannons
70 inch heart girth

Heterozygous Grey - Gg

Kaiyoum++, Bay-Abi++, Gdansk+, Magic VF,
*Padre, DWD Tabasco, Negatraz, Raffon++,
*Figuroso, *Bask++, *Farazdac, *Tuhotmos,
*Naborr, *Raffles, Skowronek bred

      Fiesta Thyme PF is a very feminine and tender hearted mare. She loves to be where the commotion is, and though she adores being doted on, she will gladly wait in line behind the rest. From her low set hocks, to her short cannons, strong hind quarter, on up to her shapely neck and classic head, Fie will contribute well with her genes.

     She has lines that are going to be an amazing addition to our herd as well. Her multi National Champion sire Pyro Thyme SA, with Kaiyoum++, Magic VF, DWD Tabasco, *Bask++, *Naborr, *Farazdac, and *Tuhotmos, added with the ethereal Spanish beauties *Padre, *Figuroso, Garbo, and Galero make for a genetic gold mine for any breeder valuing the original Arabian characteristics in their broodmares.



                                         Pryme Thyme
                                                                                     DWD Tabasco
                                                            Touch A Spice

                                                                                     Bask Caress
Pyro Thyme SA

                                                                                     Magic VF
                                                                                     Belbowrie Baskana
                                         Holly OnFire JW

Fiesta Thyme PF


                                        Madrid PF

                                                            Granada I

                                                                                     *Kirat II
                    Chica Bonita PF


                                                                                     Bahia II
                                        PF Exquisite

                                                             PF Essence
                                                                                     Prosperity Frolic

~Pyro Thyme SA~
~Pryme Thyme~
Mount Pleasant, Utah USA
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